Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Canvas Shoe is Back!

Remember when your mom used to dress you in white Keds on your first day of school?
Well I sure do!
Keds were a very popular style of shoes, and it seems that they are back!

As I browsed the Urban Outfitters website today 
I came across their amazing selection of canvas shoes which look exactly like Keds ranging in price from $10-50 in amazing colours
I personally purchased a pair of these last year in white and I love them!
Although they are not the best quality, for the amount of time you will be wearing them they do the trick!
They are so cute and great to throw on with a pair of jeans or leggings or even a casual skirt!

This is one of the reason I love the nice weather!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DISCOVERED: A great fashion website

 As I sat on Facebook today trying to waste my precious time, something interesting popped up on my mini feed. A Facebook friend of mine is interning for Erin Kleinberg (the new&upcoming designer that I have recently been posting about) and she posted this great link to an article about Erin.

I immediately clicked to see what they had to say about her new line.. noticing that the blog and site that it was featured on was one that I had never seen before!

The blog, called Pipeline, is amazing! It updates you on some great styles seen on stars and whats new in the style world!

Then.. I kept browsing and found that the blog was featured on a main site called Refinery 29 which is described as discussing independent style around New York and LA.. which is always a nice change!
it features topics such as trend watch, my style and shopping roundup

Check out this site! it is perfect for fashion lovers who dare to be different! 

Monday, March 30, 2009

hey everyone- thanks to those who have answered my poll as it is always nice to get some feedback.. but if you haven't voted yet PLEASE DO!
So in the past few days I have been walking on Richmond street and for my first time in 3 years in London I am discovering that we actually have some decent boutiques on Richmond Row
Here are some of my favourites:

1. Just off of Richmond on John Street is Mesh Boutique which is a vintage store with clothes, shoes and handbags 
Check out this article for other vintage shops in London

2. Leslie's is a small boutique which carries brands such as Free People and J brand It is a bit more high end but great if you are willing to spend!

3.  Lolita is another boutique which brings in styles from L.A with very reasonable prices for whats in style now

What is your favourite store on Richmond Row?
Share your thoughts!! I always like to find a new store!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


hey everyone!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!
I have found that I am not getting as many comments as I hoped on my posts, so I thought I would post a poll to get some feedback!

See my poll on the side of my blog and tell me what your favourite new spring style is..

and if there is one that I didn't include, post it here and I will add it!
Also, if you know of a new spring style I have yet to discuss on my blog.. share it with me!!! I always like a new style to research!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Splash Bash Style

If you dont already know, tonight is the annual Splash Bash party thrown by the AEPI fraternity!
to find out more about this or get last minute tickets check out the facebook event:

Although everyone has to wear the same tshirt that is given with the ticket but we still manage to make our outfits fashionable!
this year me and my friends have decided to wear white jumpsuits and white hats to add to our outfits.
And of course we all have our rainboots!

If you are going tonight see you all there!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It is not THE END!

After watching CBC's program called THE END, I really start to wonder about the potential of the end of media such as TV, print and radio. In the program, Jian Ghomeshi, a pop culture specialist, interviews different people to find out about their view of the end of these main media outlets. With the emergence of alternative media all over the Internet such as blogs, digital music downloading and online radio stations, many question why we even need the so called “old school” media. But, even in a world drawn to the use of the Internet instead of the newspaper, and free music as opposed to a CD, we will always need these things!

This makes me think about my life and whether the end has come for print, radio and TV in my own life. The simple answer is no.

I still love to turn on the radio when I am on my way to school to listen for a new song or a juicy piece of celebrity gossip. But don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the luxury of downloading music instead of going to buy a new CD.

As well, print still dominates in my life as I look forward to picking up the latest People magazine or UWO Gazette. But I must admit, I am a common user of the online newspapers instead of actually picking up the hard copy.. but that's still supporting print right?

And last but not least.. TV. How could I ever cut you out of my life? I plan my days around my favourite TV shows (even though I have PVR). But, I must admit that I love to use online sites that post episodes of TV shows so that I can catch up to where they are at on real TV.

Just as a side note... in regard to my online life.. I thought I would provide my favourite online sites for alternative print, radio and TV:

To catch up on episodes of TV I love this site!!!

For celebrity gossip

To find out what the top 100 songs are right now:

Also.. if you want to check out the video THE END:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soo.. just a side note.. I think I may have jinxed myself when I prayed for a Macbook in my last post as my computer has just crashed and.. well I guess it is just telling me to buy a Mac right?
So.. as I think about how sad this is and how much I don't want to do my work I look around at the interesting fashion styles in Weldon Library.....
So I thought I would humour everyone with the top 5 I can see from my seat:

1. Knit Ugg Boots--I must say these are interesting. Although I am a fan of Uggs I am not a fan of these. They look alot like those slipper booties that I wear around the house... except people are clearly wearing them out of the house.. They are really only practical for spring or summer.. and I personally think they are kind of ugly... Sorry if you have them..

2. Guys wearing Converse--I actually really enjoy this style on guys! Many guys I know would refuse to wear Converse because they think they will look "gay" but I think they are wrong. They look so cute on guys with a pair of nice jeans and they make a guy look more preppy which is a style I love!

3. Guys wearing leather jackets-- Although as you might know I am a fan of leather jackets... I am not too sure how i feel about them on guys. Well actually I take that back.. I don't know how I feel about TIGHT leather jackets on guys. Loose ones are okay. But I personally don't care to see how skinny a guy is.. its not so attractive.

4. Wearing dress shirts to school-- I am not bashing dress shirts on guys at all.. but some guys need to get the memo that campus is not the place for them... the bar is. They look great but it looks a bit funny when you are wearing one with your backpack..

5. Shorts over stockings-- I am not sure which girl decided this was an appropriate style that looked good. But its not really. Skirts with stockings is okay.. but shorts? It just looks a bit funny. Save your shorts for the warm weather, don't attempt to wear them while its still cold!

If you are reading this and you enjoy some of these trends.. I apologize! I am just voicing my opinion about some funky styles I see around the library...
Have you seen any funny styles? Please share them!