Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DISCOVERED: A great fashion website

 As I sat on Facebook today trying to waste my precious time, something interesting popped up on my mini feed. A Facebook friend of mine is interning for Erin Kleinberg (the new&upcoming designer that I have recently been posting about) and she posted this great link to an article about Erin. 

I immediately clicked to see what they had to say about her new line.. noticing that the blog and site that it was featured on was one that I had never seen before!

The blog, called Pipeline, is amazing! It updates you on some great styles seen on stars and whats new in the style world! 

Then.. I kept browsing and found that the blog was featured on a main site called Refinery 29 which is described as discussing independent style around New York and LA.. which is always a nice change!
it features topics such as trend watch, my style and shopping roundup

Check out this site! it is perfect for fashion lovers who dare to be different!