Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Most Favourite Comfy Clothing

As I sit in Weldon Library (for a change.. and yes at 9:30 at night..) I enjoy studying in my favourite comfy clothing as I find that's the only real way to concentrate..

So... to all of you library lovers (or haters) here is my top 5 list of comfy clothes to lounge around in at home or in the library..

1. Lululemon Pants
-I personally have a pair that aren't as tight as most Lululemon pants.. a big baggier and so comfy to sit around in but not look too messy! http://www.lululemon.com/

2. American Apparel Sweatshirts

-I believe I have talked about these before... they come in tons of colours and are so comfy just to throw on when you need something to cover up with! http://americanapparel.net/

3. American Apparel Tri-Blend shirts

-These shirts are my favourite.. They come in a few different styles and I personally have it in a long sleeve, short sleeve and tank top. It is the most comfortable material you will ever wear! They come in grey, blue, purple, brown and black and I am definitely a fan!


4. Free City Sweats

- I have also name dropped this brand in my blog and I will again because I love them ( I am wearing them right now!) They are sooo comfy and also come in tons of colours and styles.http://www.freecitysupershop.com/

5. Uggs

During the winter, cozying up in your Ugg boots in the library can make your visit much more enjoyable! They come in tons of styles and colours and actually feel like you are just wearing your slippers!

What is your comfiest article of clothing? Share your thoughts!