Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My dream handbag is someone's book bag...

You would think Marc Jacobs wouldn't seem to be a name that's thrown around in a student's vocabulary...but you would be surprised...

as I look around each day.. I am blown away by the types of bags people choose as their school bags... such as my rant about Longchamp Bags earlier on..

But this is ridiculous.. I would die to have one of these bags on my arms even for a day, and I keep seeing students using them as their book bags!!!

I don't get it.

Anyways.. I was browsing my favourite online shopping site and quickly clicked to the Marc Jacobs handbag section..

So I though I would share my favourite styles... which are the cheapest.. but not cheap at all..

This 'Pretty Nylon Stitched Tate Tote' is $188 and could MAYBE be used as a book bag.. but still.. I would use it as an every day bag because its amazing.
marc jacobs, purse,fashion

This 'Classic Q Hillier Hobo' is $398 which is sadly the cheapest one out of their leather collection.. and its beautiful..

you cant tell I am a huge fan.. and have yet to have a bag from this beautiful designer..:(

What are your thoughts on these being used for book bags? Also, do you have one? share with us your thoughts and pictures, I always like to drool over something I cant have!!