Monday, March 23, 2009

A Macbook Fashion Statement

Every so often I change the subject over to a technology which has become fashionable..
Such as the Blackberry..

But as I sit in class I cant help but think about the fact that Apple Macbook computers have truly become a fashion statement all over campus.

I personally don't have a Mac computer... but I am not going to pretend like I don't want one.
I mean they are very good computers so people do buy them because of their functionality, but sometimes I think that people really choose them for the look.

If you look at someone with a Macbook and someone else with a Toshiba computer... do you judge them? You probably say no out loud but don't pretend like you don't!

Macbooks are like a fashion statement.. each model goes out of style and then everyone wants the new model because its the coolest one.

If you are living in a bubble and haven't heard of the newest Macbook.. check it out here!!
Its beautiful.. and environmentally friendly which is always a plus!

Are you one of the Macbook followers or are you completely against this widespread fashion trend all over campus?