Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You dont need a boyfriend to wear the 'boyfriend' jeans

Now you might be thinking... I don't have a boyfriend, so how can I wear his jeans? Oh but now you can....figuratively.

The new style which can finally be worn this spring is the 'Boyfriend' jean. They are called this because they are the most comfortable pair of jeans you will ever wear because they are baggy and worked in just like your imaginary boyfriend's.

If you have looked through a recent tabloid or fashion magazine, you have most definitely pictures of all of the celebrities wearing the boyfriend jean.

Now, I have seen a few people wearing them around campus (including myself) but the difference between us and the celebrities is that we whip them out in 10 degree weather and they live in L.A where they can wear them whenever.

The look is to wear them rolled up with a simple T or button up.. but trying not to look too much like your boyfriend in them.

If you are not a fan of wearing jeans all the time (I definitely am not) these are perfect for you because it doesn't even seem like you are wearing jeans!

Where can you find them? I picked up a pair at the Levi's store.. http://us.levi.com/home/index.jsp

They were $90 which is a bit more than I wanted to spend, but any other pair is designer and will be much much much more.

Also, if you are a good vintage shopper Kensington Market would be a great place to look!
Anyone a fan of this wonderful new fashion style? Has anyone found a great pair?? Share your thoughts!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars 2009- My Personal Best Dressed List

So as everyone knows, last night was the most important night for anyone who is involved in the movie industry. The Oscars. http://www.oscar.com/
Now as much as I enjoy seeing who wins, and the talented dance of Hugh Jackman, my favourite part is the red carpet. This year there were tons of stunning dressed but I have chosen 5 of my favourites to share with you...

1. Angelina Jolie: She wore Elie Saab and looked absolutely stunning in this black simple yet beautiful gown, and of course she had the best arm candy, Brad Pitt!

2. Jessica Biel: She wore a Prada creme coloured gown which I loved!

3. Sarah Jessica Parker: Wearing a Dior Haute Couture silver gown she was definitely easy to spot! She looked amazing,

4. Jennifer Aniston: With her new arm candy John Mayer on her arm, she looked great in a Valentino gown, and I LOVE her hairstyle!

5. Natalie Portman: She really stood out in her beautiful pink Rodarte dress truly lighting up the stage!

Here's a video with red carpet styles for 2009!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hey everyone!
Thought I would tell you guys about a style that has been revived from last spring!!

The Moccasin!

They are my absolute favourite to slip on when we finally get a sunny day and they come in tons of styles. There are slip ons, ankle boots, taller boots...and they are all so comfy!

My favourite place to get them is online from a popular Moccasin brand called Minnetonka.

Check out the website for all the different colours and styles!

I have the ones with the peace signs and I love them!!!

They can also be found in stores like


--Soft Moc

They have also been seen on many of our favourite celebrities!!

Whats your favourite style? If you have a pair, share with us where you got them!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Queen Street, Toronto-- A Great Shopping Spot!

So I have been in Toronto for reading week, and seeing as I'm not going away anywhere exotic, I have been visiting my favourite shopping spots of course. So yesterday I went down to Queen Street as the weather was pretty nice which made it a great day to walk outside! I love going down to Queen Street because it really is so cultural! There are tons of very unique and different stores, but you also have the token mainstream stores. So I thought I would share my favourite spots with you..

  • The new Urban Outfitters store--in addition to their store located at Yonge and Dundas they opened this one and it is great! Lots of great stuff


  • Arton Beads-- if you like to make your own jewelry, then this is a perfect place for you! TONS of beads, and great prices!


  • Get Outside-- Probably my favourite shoe store!! They have 1000 different brands of shoes like Converse, Hunter, Sperry, Sorel.. AND MUCH MORE. I love it here


  • Black Market-- If you like vintage tshirts.. you must stop here! They have tons of different shirts such as vintage band T's.. and they have great deals!


If you need something to do on a nice day.. definitely head down to Queen Street and check out the great stores and restaurants!

Whats your favourite spot on Queen Street?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How the Little Blue Box Scams Those In Love

I am among that part of the population who isn't particularly a fan of this stupid holiday we called Valentine's Day.

Today I did something somewhat stupid as I walked over to Tiffany & Co. http://www.tiffany.ca/default.aspx/?omcid=CAG300&iq_id=5639191 on Bloor Street in Toronto.
If there is one place that a hater of this holiday should not be, it would be this jewelry store. Although I went in to exchange a gift, I was surrounded by happy couples buying Tiffany. Every display had their featured jewelry, every item consisting of a heart, aimed to catch the eye of the husband who forgot it was Valentine's Day until today. One thing that I realized today was how expensive jewelry stores such as Tiffany &Co. thrive off of this stupid hallmark holiday. The fact that a husband or boyfriend knows that just buying a simple necklace with a floating heart (which you can really get anywhere) will buy their significant other's love is a negative reflection on our society.

I mean, I understand buying an extravagant gift such as this for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, but a hallmark holiday? I just don't think its worth the $200, especially when were in a recession.

Now don't get me wrong, If I had all of the money in the world I would buy the whole store, but I just become confused why Valentine's Day has become a reason to buy your loved one a VERY expensive gift.
Share your thoughts! Do you like this holiday??

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Represent your Western Mustangs!

Since this is a blog for students at UWO, it would be extremely appropriate to discuss the different options of Western clothing that we can buy to represent our wonderful school and its sports teams. I personally have yet to purchase myself a piece of Western clothing, but I definitely plan to before I graduate!

Here are some of my favourites:

  1. The standard "Redwood Classics Hooded Sweatshirt" which has the UWO letters on it, a classic university sweatshirt

  2. The Western Mustangs Polo Shirt ( I have been eyeing this one since first year, its just so expensive!)

  3. The "Long Sleeve Western Crest T-shirt"

  4. The new Ladies Tshirts made by American Apparel with the Western Crest

  5. The new Ladies Zip-Up Sweatshirts by American Apparel

Although they are slightly overpriced because they are Western paraphernalia, its worth it! It will last you a lifetime and always remind you of your university experience!

Take a look here for more http://www.usc.uwo.ca/mustangalley/clothing.html or visit Mustang Alley in the UCC!!

Whats your favourite piece of Western clothing?

Leggings are EVERYWHERE!

As I sit here in Weldon Library, trying to get comfy while I study for my test, I started to think about what really is comfy for a library outfit.. or even an every day school outfit. One item I simply cannot live without are LEGGINGS. And I am definitely not the only one!!! Not only are they comfy, but they look good too and can be paired with various things. Around campus I have seen LEGGINGS worn with:

  • long shirts

  • dresses

  • baby doll styled shirts

  • sweatshirts

  • basically.. ANYTHING!

The ones I wear to school are cotton and of course from American Apparel. BUT they are also made in spandex, nylon, faux-denim, faux-leather, shiny...everything you can think of.. and in tons of colours and patterns!

With a fancier material these can be paired with a cute top to wear out downtown!!

Everyone should have a pair!!!

Whats your favourite style? Any other stores to get good ones? Share with everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring Trends are Blossoming!

So the weather this weekend has been beautiful! And its going to get even warmer tomorrow!

As I walked on campus today, it is clear that everyone is just itching to debut their favourite spring items. I have seen a lot of leather jackets, converse and light scarves. I must say I am one of those people who sees sun and thinks.. "omg I can finally wear my converse again!", but I am not sure it is the smartest thought. We all act like its magically 20 degrees outside already, when really its just 5 degrees warmer than it was when we were wearing our parkas! But... since this is a sign that spring is actually coming soon, we should probably start to think about whats in for spring!! During the fall one item I constantly saw around campus, and I LOVE, are leather jackets! They are perfect for any outfit of jeans or leggings, or even sweatpants and they are everywhere! Now, I didn't really want to spend a lot on mine so I picked up a fake one at Forever 21!http://www.forever21.com/
It was only like 50 bucks and I have gotten so many compliments!
They are a must-have for spring!

If you wanna read about more trends coming out for spring check out these websites! You will find all of the new secrets!

Whats your favourite spring trend? Heard of anything new? Share it with us!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comfort at a very high price!!

On any random day, if you stroll through the first floor of Weldon library, there is one thing I can guarantee one will find. Free City. http://www.freecitysupershop.com/

Free City is a brand which makes sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts and long sleeves. They are over priced but probably the comfiest clothing you will ever purchase.

Now initially I refused to indulge in this expensive brand simply because it is outrageous to buy a pair of sweatpants for $150 dollars but... IT IS WORTH IT.

When you buy any piece of clothing by Free City it feels like you have had it for years because everything is already worked in for you! And although they are pricey, I wear them at least once a week so I definitely am getting my wear out of it!

The only place where they sell this wonderful brand is at TNT Blu http://www.tntthenewtrend.com/ in Toronto or on Ebay..otherwise you might have to fly to L.A (where the prices are so much better!)

Also, stars such as Nicole Richie and Nikki Hilton have been spotted wearing Free City.

Although I am sure that there are many of you our there who think this is ridiculous and so not worth it.. try splurging on a pair of sweatpants and you will know exactly what I mean!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


So I thought it would be appropriate to provide everyone with my TOP 5 favourite fashion statements:

1. Black army styles high boots
Although I have yet to mentioned them on my blog, they are amazing! Not necessarily winter attire, but great for a rainy day or a spring day. I personally found a great pair at Le Chateau a while ago.. but they sell them at lots of stores like Aldo http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca-eng. Great with a pair of leggings or jeans!

2. American Apparel skirts
They are great for the winter with a pair of tights or great in the summer with a pair of cute sandals! They come in tons of colours and I cant get enough of them! http://americanapparel.net/

3. Coloured Scarves
In order to spice up a bland outfit, just throwing on a colourful scarf can do the trick! I personally go to Kensington Market to get mine, as they are cheap and very original! I personally love the plaid ones!

4. Skinny Jeans
Perfect for a regular day or a night out.. they look good with anything! I have them in three colours: dark jean, grey and black and I love them! Particularly the brand Cheap Mondays are my favourite as they only cost $70 and are very stylish!

5. Converse
Another style I have yet to discuss on my blog, but a great addition to anyone's shoe collection. They come in millions of colours and patterns and are so comfortable! The best part is they're only about $40 a pair, so you can even have more than one! (because I sure do)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hunters: Fashion For Fisherman or Students?

As these past few days have been full of slush and water, there is a particular style of boot which I keep seeing girls wearing around campus. If you haven't heard of them, they are called HUNTERS (http://www.hunterboots.com/1/Welcome-To-The-Home-Of-Hunter-Wellies.aspx) and they seem to be taking over! Originally manufactured for fisherman, this overpriced rain boots seem to be the boot of choice these days. They come in many different styles such as tall, medium, or lace-up and lots of colours like blue green red and yellow! They are perfect to wear with a pair of skinny-styled jeans or leggings. Who wouldn't want stylish boots that are not only fashionable, but keep your feet DRY! The only thing I don't particularly agree on when it comes to Hunters is the price! They aren't OVERLY priced, but I mean, when you can find a pair of rain boots for like $30 dollars, it always makes you feel guilty. But it might just be worth it.. you decide! Some stars have also been seen wearing them such as Kate Moss!! See this link to read more and see pictures http://www.bglam.com/2007/02/reader-question-kate-moss-in-hunter.html

If any of you live in Toronto, the shoe store Get Outside (one of my favourites!) has tons of different styles of Hunters, and its just a really fun shoe store in general so check it out!

Do you like this style or think its a bit ridiculous?? Share your thoughts!

Monday, February 2, 2009

An Fashion Accessory That Emails

Although I am not sure that this is actually considered fashion.. one thing which I CONSTANTLY see around campus, attached to almost every students hand or ear, is a Blackberry. As many know, Blackberrys have become extremely popular due to their ability to email and message all of your friends directly from your phone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackBerry
But sadly this feature really only makes sense for business people who need to stay in touch with their clients 24/7.. not their friends!
Unfortunately, I cannot really criticize the addiction to Blackberrys as I have been using one for over a year now but I can say that people have become a little bit too obsessed. Everyone wants to have the new model.. .either the Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm or Javelin. http://na.blackberry.com/eng/devices/
And how could you forget the colourful phone covers that are always accompanying the phone!
I've seen colours such as orange, green, red, blue and purple. They are everywhere!
Even though most of us know they are a bit inappropriate for students, we still love them!!!

Watch this funny music video called Crackberry:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

LC From The Hills shares her fashion with the world!

Hey everyone! Hope the rest of your weekend has been great! Luckily today was a bit milder so we didn't have to pack on those unattractive layers!!
So lately there has been a lot of buzz about Lauren Conrad's new fashion line http://laurenconrad.seenon.com/ (Click here to see her amazing designs)
For those of you who don't know, Lauren is the main character in the hit MTV show The Hills.http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/the_hills/series.jhtml
So many of my friends have been talking about some of the dresses that have been designed, as many girls have been wearing these cute dresses out to bars in London! I find them to be so cute and simple. The best part is that they aren't designer prices! They aren't exactly cheap, but for a great dress that you can wear more than once they are definitely worth it!

So I was searching YouTube today, as everyone always is, and I came across this video of Lauren's Spring 2009 fashion show, and a short interview with Lauren
Take a look!

Isn't it exciting that she's deciding to expand her line with accessories?
Do you think this is a good career move or not? Should she do shoes? Share your thoughts!