Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring Trends are Blossoming!

So the weather this weekend has been beautiful! And its going to get even warmer tomorrow!

As I walked on campus today, it is clear that everyone is just itching to debut their favourite spring items. I have seen a lot of leather jackets, converse and light scarves. I must say I am one of those people who sees sun and thinks.. "omg I can finally wear my converse again!", but I am not sure it is the smartest thought. We all act like its magically 20 degrees outside already, when really its just 5 degrees warmer than it was when we were wearing our parkas! But... since this is a sign that spring is actually coming soon, we should probably start to think about whats in for spring!! During the fall one item I constantly saw around campus, and I LOVE, are leather jackets! They are perfect for any outfit of jeans or leggings, or even sweatpants and they are everywhere! Now, I didn't really want to spend a lot on mine so I picked up a fake one at Forever 21!
It was only like 50 bucks and I have gotten so many compliments!
They are a must-have for spring!

If you wanna read about more trends coming out for spring check out these websites! You will find all of the new secrets!

Whats your favourite spring trend? Heard of anything new? Share it with us!