Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leggings are EVERYWHERE!

As I sit here in Weldon Library, trying to get comfy while I study for my test, I started to think about what really is comfy for a library outfit.. or even an every day school outfit. One item I simply cannot live without are LEGGINGS. And I am definitely not the only one!!! Not only are they comfy, but they look good too and can be paired with various things. Around campus I have seen LEGGINGS worn with:

  • long shirts

  • dresses

  • baby doll styled shirts

  • sweatshirts

  • basically.. ANYTHING!

The ones I wear to school are cotton and of course from American Apparel. BUT they are also made in spandex, nylon, faux-denim, faux-leather, shiny...everything you can think of.. and in tons of colours and patterns!

With a fancier material these can be paired with a cute top to wear out downtown!!

Everyone should have a pair!!!

Whats your favourite style? Any other stores to get good ones? Share with everyone!