Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hunters: Fashion For Fisherman or Students?

As these past few days have been full of slush and water, there is a particular style of boot which I keep seeing girls wearing around campus. If you haven't heard of them, they are called HUNTERS ( and they seem to be taking over! Originally manufactured for fisherman, this overpriced rain boots seem to be the boot of choice these days. They come in many different styles such as tall, medium, or lace-up and lots of colours like blue green red and yellow! They are perfect to wear with a pair of skinny-styled jeans or leggings. Who wouldn't want stylish boots that are not only fashionable, but keep your feet DRY! The only thing I don't particularly agree on when it comes to Hunters is the price! They aren't OVERLY priced, but I mean, when you can find a pair of rain boots for like $30 dollars, it always makes you feel guilty. But it might just be worth it.. you decide! Some stars have also been seen wearing them such as Kate Moss!! See this link to read more and see pictures

If any of you live in Toronto, the shoe store Get Outside (one of my favourites!) has tons of different styles of Hunters, and its just a really fun shoe store in general so check it out!

Do you like this style or think its a bit ridiculous?? Share your thoughts!