Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Represent your Western Mustangs!

Since this is a blog for students at UWO, it would be extremely appropriate to discuss the different options of Western clothing that we can buy to represent our wonderful school and its sports teams. I personally have yet to purchase myself a piece of Western clothing, but I definitely plan to before I graduate!

Here are some of my favourites:

  1. The standard "Redwood Classics Hooded Sweatshirt" which has the UWO letters on it, a classic university sweatshirt

  2. The Western Mustangs Polo Shirt ( I have been eyeing this one since first year, its just so expensive!)

  3. The "Long Sleeve Western Crest T-shirt"

  4. The new Ladies Tshirts made by American Apparel with the Western Crest

  5. The new Ladies Zip-Up Sweatshirts by American Apparel

Although they are slightly overpriced because they are Western paraphernalia, its worth it! It will last you a lifetime and always remind you of your university experience!

Take a look here for more or visit Mustang Alley in the UCC!!

Whats your favourite piece of Western clothing?