Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Broadcast Yourself- Who knows what talk show you'll end up on?

In blogging class, we watched a video discussing Michael Wesch's view on the effects of YouTube and how it has changed the world.

Living in a small university town, it appears to be a common theme now to want to share something funny you saw on YouTube. Whenever I go over to a friend's house to hang out, they always having something new to show me on YouTube. And about a day later everyone in my class has heard of it.
But what strikes me as interesting is that not only am I watching a chubby man dance to Single Ladies by Beyonce, but so is Tyra Banks who chose to feature him on her show. It becomes interesting to see how popular a silly video can get around the world, that just an ordinary nobody chose to post because they were bored. Granted the guy who filmed this particular video probably did not know that millions of people would soon be logging on to YouTube to view it, or even that he would actually become famous from it.

If you havent seen the video I am talking about you MUST click here.. you'll get a good laugh!

YouTube is truly a remarkable invention for a world of individuals who need someone to voice their opinions, dance in their room by themselves or parody something from the mainstream media. Before the invention of YouTube our world was itching for something like this, and now we have it with no restrictions.

Personally, I have had a few encounters with YouTube. A couple of years ago I attended a Tragically Hip concert and was very lucky to be extremely close to the stage. Therefore I chose to video the songs and I happen to be singing along. I posted them on YouTube for my friends, but I soon learned that it wasn't just exclusive to them. I mean.. I didn't have the best voice in the world so people had enough to say about their thoughts on that. Needless to say I was a little bit offended and embarrassed so I removed the videos. I guess I forgot that I was basically broadcasting my horrible voice to the world, and It was not a pretty sight (or sound).

Lastly, through this blogging class I have truly become to understand the importance of YouTube. Without it, how would I show you a fashion show that I would never have had access to otherwise? When it comes to school, you can ALWAYS find something on YouTube to show to your class in order to get extra marks, and it truly works like a charm!

Having a user-generated community to engage in has helped our society in countless ways, and it will only continue to give us a laugh, a teaching aid, or an outlet for outrage.
So do what the slogan tells you to and "BROADCAST YOURSELF"!

Take a look at the video: