Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It is not THE END!

After watching CBC's program called THE END, I really start to wonder about the potential of the end of media such as TV, print and radio. In the program, Jian Ghomeshi, a pop culture specialist, interviews different people to find out about their view of the end of these main media outlets. With the emergence of alternative media all over the Internet such as blogs, digital music downloading and online radio stations, many question why we even need the so called “old school” media. But, even in a world drawn to the use of the Internet instead of the newspaper, and free music as opposed to a CD, we will always need these things!

This makes me think about my life and whether the end has come for print, radio and TV in my own life. The simple answer is no.

I still love to turn on the radio when I am on my way to school to listen for a new song or a juicy piece of celebrity gossip. But don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the luxury of downloading music instead of going to buy a new CD.

As well, print still dominates in my life as I look forward to picking up the latest People magazine or UWO Gazette. But I must admit, I am a common user of the online newspapers instead of actually picking up the hard copy.. but that's still supporting print right?

And last but not least.. TV. How could I ever cut you out of my life? I plan my days around my favourite TV shows (even though I have PVR). But, I must admit that I love to use online sites that post episodes of TV shows so that I can catch up to where they are at on real TV.

Just as a side note... in regard to my online life.. I thought I would provide my favourite online sites for alternative print, radio and TV:

To catch up on episodes of TV I love this site!!!

For celebrity gossip

To find out what the top 100 songs are right now:

Also.. if you want to check out the video THE END: