Sunday, March 1, 2009

Whats the best way to block the sun (or lack there of)?

I must say when I wake up and look out my window to see the weather, if there is sun or not has a large bearing on what I wear, and how happy I am that morning. This morning it was really sunny, which unfortunately gave people the wrong idea about their attire.

But one accessory that is always needed .. SUNGLASSES!

I personally have a hard time with sunglasses, as I always lose them.. so there really is no point of spending tons on a designer pair.. but I found some designer pairs that aren't going to cost me the same as my rent and look just as good!

3 of my favourite brands (which wont put a hole in your pocket) are:

I personally am a huge fan of Ray Ban.. their sunglasses are so hip and in style and really are well priced..
I truly recommend them if you are looking for something new!

They sell them at Sunglass Hut

They are called the Wayfarer and they actually a throwback of an old style seen in the Blues Brothers movie.. and they are definitely a favourite!

They come in tons of colours and a few different styles..

and of course.. the stars love them!

You must get your hands on a pair before the spring comes!!