Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Backpack for style or comfort?

So today my day started off with my backpack zipper breaking.. meaning I had to switch to the bag I usually use during the summer, which is an over-the-shoulder bag and it is not comfortable at all. During the winter I like to change to a full back pack because it makes it easier while I am trudging through the snow. My travelling around campus today felt even harder today with the snow AND the bag I was using.. These feelings made me think about the types of backpacks I have seen around campus.. or the lack there of. Many girls for some reason do not believe in using a real backpack that goes on both shoulders. Instead, they choose over the shoulder bags which are uncomfortable and impractical.. but they seem to be fashionable. There is one bag which I have noticed alot of girls using which is made by a designer called Longchamp. These bags cost atleast $200 and are being used for school? I find that a little bit weird but I guess that's just me. I personally have purchased one from the store H&M which sells fashionable items at very low prices, and mine only cost me $20! I don't personally agree with an outrageous such as this one.. but lots of girls on campus seem to...What are your thoughts? Backpack or shoulder bag? You decide.