Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Wear

Hi UWO students! This is my first blog on The Fashion Scene at UWO blog and it happends to be one of the coldest days of the year so far. So it would be appropriate to discuss the winter wear that all students seem to be sporting when trudging through the snow trying to get to class on time. Firstly, while walking through the slush and snow it is important to be sporting winter boots that are actually keeping your feet dry. The most popular boot of choice seems to be either the famous UGG boot or Sorels. Both brand of boots are known to be super-warm and stylish at the same time. Although some do look a bit like a snowboarding boot, they seem to have become the fashion trend for girls all over campus. But for men, the trend does not really seem to be as obvious. Some men do seem to be choosing the UGG boots styled for men, or the worker-type styled boots made by Timberland. Although they do resemble boots a construction worker would wear, they seem to be better than nothing. Now onto the jacket of choice.. It seems to me that there are two extremely, and might I add expensive, popular brands of choice. The first is North Face, which is a brand that seems to come in many different styles for men and women, and is known to be down-filled, making them as warm as possible. The second brand that I have seen all over campus is the Canada Goose jackets which are unisex, and down-filled as well. Although these are both necessities to our winter wardrobe, they are each approximately $300 dollars, which won't fit everyone's budget! The final necessity to one's daily winter wear are ofcourse, the accessories. Although we all love acessories to spice up our outfit, in -30 weather, they are also necessary! Around campus I have noticed many girls wearing different coloured knit berrets, or more baggy styled touques. Men seem to wearing very simply touques that are just black and classic, simply being functional to keep their ears warm. Lastly, scarves seem to be another essential, found in all different colours and patterns, keeping everyone warm. In the next post I have added some pictures of the different products I discussed above, hope you all enjoy!! Keep warm!!