Saturday, January 31, 2009

A vintage-lovers dream!

So as a student, money always seems to be on my mind, as I am sure it is on everyone else's. But the other problem is that we all love to shop, and sometimes nothing can stop us. So.. I thought I would share with everyone one of my favourite places to shop which is cheap, fun and one of a kind!!KENSINGTON MARKET.

It is my absolute favourite place in downtown Toronto. If you haven't heard of it, it is located off of Spadina between College and Dundas, and it consists of a few streets lined with amazing stores. It has small grocery stores, cheese and meat markets, and best of all... vintage clothing!!Now, I must warn you, if you don't have patience.. this may not be the place for you. In order to find the best finds that you may have heard someone raving about, you have to search and search well! I have found some great stuff in Kensington like vintage designer purses, vintage rock band t-shirts, and even a great pair of cowboy boots(when they were in style)! Some of my favourite stores are Bubblegum, Dancing Days and Courage My Love. Unfortunately because these are small stores they don't all have websites which you can browse, but take my word.. they are the best! So if you are ever looking for something to do on a Saturday, go down to Kensington and enjoy the culture and shopping! You will not be disappointed!!

If you are a fan of this wonderful area, have you had any fabulous finds? Whats your favourite store?? Share your thoughts!!