Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Michelle Obama's Fashionable Entrance

Hi everyone! As everyone (hopefully) knows, today was a day that went down in history. Today was the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States of America, Barak Obama. Of course Barak's speech was what everyone around the world was looking out for during the ceremony, but all of the fashionistas were focused on what Michelle Obama was wearing on this very special day. As many know, a big deal was made of which designer Michelle would appoint to design her outfits for the swearing in of her husband and the many inauguration balls that she would attend this evening. She probably had all of the top designers knocking at her door with brilliant sketches of beautiful dresses. Now, at this point we still do not have any confirmation on what she chose to wear to the evening balls, but we did get to see what she chose to wear to the ceremony. As everyone who watched the inauguration saw, Michelle decided on a dress and a matching coat which was designed by Isabel Toledo, a Cuban-American designer. The dress and matching coat were made of a combination of fabrics—lace over wool, both of a slightly shiny, pale green-gold hue known as lemongrass. This colour was said to symbolize the colour of hope. The designer incorporated a pashmina lining and handquilted cotton into the construction of the dress for warmth, since Michelle Obama would be wearing the outfit outside during the swearing-in and inaugural parade. Michelle made sure to pair her ensemble with green patent-leather Jimmy Choo heels that were custom-ordered for her. Wow must be nice being the first lady! Such a simple act of wearing this outfit made this designer known worldwide!!! As well, found on one website was a picture of a bunch of models who modeled some designer's dresses for Michelle.. so take a look and see which you like the best!!!