Saturday, January 17, 2009

A great store for a last minute outfit..

Hey everyone! Hope you are all keeping warm in this crazy -30 degree weather! Speaking of keeping warm, I'm sure many of us went downtown this weekend, relying on the alcohol to keep us warm! But of course, I'm sure many of us got dressed ignoring the fact that it was so cold outside, because we just want to make sure we dress to impress. On Thursday and Friday, I attend Mansion and 29 Park with my friends. Going out in London is always fun, especially seeing what everyone else is wearing! There are some styles I noticed this weekend which seem to be spreading throughout London. As I'm sure everyone knows, having the store American Apparel just a few blocks away is amazing but dangerous. Personally, whenever I find I have nothing to wear out to the bar that night, I'll walk over there as its always successful. If you take a look around the store, you'll recognize all of the essential pieces that are always integrated into every girl's outfit. Some of my favourite ones are their colourful body suits, their different styles skirts, and of course, their array of coloured tights (an essential at this time of year). All of their clothing is pretty simple, and bit pricey for being so simple, but definitely worth it as everything can be worn again with a million different outfits. Another plus to American Apparel is that it is sweatshop-free, a perk that makes everyone feel better. One of the styles that I have noticed around downtown has been pairing the body suits with a pair of jeans or with a skirt, maybe even adding a pair of their opaque tights to the outfit. The only problem about having this store just around the corner, is that we unfortunately all show up in the same outfit, maybe just in different colours! Men also enjoy AA, specifically those who sport more of an artsy, hipster look. I have noticed some guys sporting their v-neck tees and zip-up hooded sweatshirts, which also come in many different colours. If you for some crazy reason have never heard of American Apparel, I have added it to my list of favourite online shopping sites, as it is very fun to browse! In my next post, I will add some pictures of the different items I have mentioned. Also, make sure to check out the other sites I have listed, as they also feature lots of different brands to look at!!! Hope you enjoy.. Oh and if you have any items that you specifically love at AA, comment!!