Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Perfect Shoes for Winter

So.. one of the things I have yet to discuss on my blog are SHOES, one of my favourite parts of my outfit! When the cold winter and big snow storms started to come so frequently, I realized that I would need a pair of shoes to wear out downtown that were going to keep my feet remotely warm. Well I guess not warm.. but something better than wearing open toe shoes in 10 feet of snow!!! So I have found the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe which will keep me warm and definitely stylish. BOOTS! They are all over the place in the bars!! Either ankle boots, knee high boots or something in between.. every girl is wearing a pair! I recently purchased myself a pair of just plain black leather ankle booties.. but there are some other really cute ones out there. For instance, I have fallen in love with these lace up shoes and booties! They are all over in stores like Aldo and seen on the runways of Prada. They add a bit of an edgier look to a cute outfit, with either a skirt or a pair of jeans. I have also noticed alot of knee high heeled boots on lots of girls, which make any outfit classy.

I have been browsing on this website lately looking at all of the latest trends.. Take a loook! Its great to see whats in style on the runway! Click here and you can see more pictures of these styles of shoes!!!

Also, check out Urban Outfitters as well as they feature many of these boots in affordable prices!